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Why are people turning to laser tattoo removal to reinvent their self-image?

A large percentage of people have tattoos, and many regret their decision and would like to have them removed. What may have been exciting and looked good when you were 18, may not be what you would have chosen 20 years later. As we move forward in years, our tastes and choices may begin to change. If you have a tattoo you would like to remove, there is good news for you. Laser tattoo removal in Baltimore can rid you of your undesired tattoo with virtually no downtime or side effects.

How does laser tattoo removal work?

The Quanta Q-Plus C laser tattoo removal system can remove all tattoos with little to no scarring. A high-intensity light is beamed into your tattoo, breaking up the pigment colors. Black tattoo ink is the easiest to treat, as it absorbs all laser wavelengths. Other colors can be treated using selected lasers, based on the different pigment colors.

The number of procedures you need depends on the size of your tattoo, and the colors used. The color of your skin, along with the depth of the tattoo will affect the removal technique. The Quanta Q-Plus C laser is capable of treating all skin tones and ALL colors of ink.

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What should I expect from my treatment?

Laser tattoo removal in Columbia MD may be a little uncomfortable, but most patients do not need anesthesia. We offer a painless option for those patients who cannot tolerate the discomfort. Immediately following treatment, you may be instructed to use an ice pack to soothe the treated area. We recommend applying a post laser gel to cool and soothe the treatment area.

You need to keep in mind that laser treatments are safer than many other tattoo removal techniques such as excision or dermabrasion, and there are very few side effects. However, you need to follow your practitioner’s instructions carefully to achieve the best results.

What are the most important benefits of laser tattoo removal?

  • No scarring
  • Safe, effective and efficient
  • NO downtime
  • Can remove tattoos of all colors
  • Can remove whole tattoos, or just parts of tattoos
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Who is a good candidate for the procedure?

In general, good candidates for laser tattoo removal in Baltimore are of sound mind and body, with healthy, thriving immune systems. They should be non-smokers, as smoking may inhibit the body’s ability to clear away the ink once it has been broken down by the lasers. Additionally, clients seeking laser tattoo removal should be well informed about what they can expect from their results. Our team will ensure you have realistic expectations during your confidential consultation.

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I have only ever had stellar service here. I never have to wait a long time for treatments, the staff is professional, and the results have been amazing. I love knowing that I have medically trained professionals taking care of me. I will definitely be returning!

- April in Germantown, MD

  • What can I expect in terms of recovery and downtime?

    As with many other laser treatments, there may be some mild swelling and redness after your sessions. Tingling, bruising, itching and slight skin discoloration are also all normal reactions to the laser heat. Rest assured, within about 2-3 days you will be completely healed.

  • How much does it cost?

    Treatments start as low as $50 per session. Pricing depends on the size of your tattoo and Consultations are required to provide the most accurate pricing. Please visit our pricing page for a list of our fixed pricing schedules.

  • Why should I choose Comprehensive Laser for tattoo removal?

    Most people spend a great deal of time choosing an artist for their tattoos. However, others don’t, and they end up getting a hideous tattoo that will be a long-lasting reminder of that mistake.

    Tattoo removal is an art and a science. Several factors such as ink density, skin type, and ink color need to be considered when attempting tattoo removal. Sadly, most practices do not have properly trained and certified staff who understand the intricacies of this process.

    At Comprehensive Laser, our primary goal with tattoo removal is ensuring that it is performed safely and with zero scarring. Our physician assistant Neil Harry is the only Certified Laser Tattoo Removal Specialist in practice in Howard County. He is also our Laser Safety Officer and has completed his training in Denver, Colorado at the A Laser Academy with Victor Beyer – who many consider to the be Godfather of laser tattoo removal.

    You already regret the tattoo. Don’t make another mistake and have an unqualified provider cause you further pain and suffering. We are also the only practice in Howard County, Maryland that specializes in and performs Laser tattoo removal treatments.

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How do I get started?

Contact the experts at Comprehensive Laser to find out how you can remove your unwanted tattoos. We are located at 10700 Charter Drive, Suite 330 Columbia, MD 21044 .

All consultations are performed by a laser tattoo removal authority and cost $50. After your consultation you may choose to apply your consultation fee to a package of laser treatments.

Schedule your appointment online or call us at (410) 855-5821. We at Comprehensive Laser proudly serve the Columbia, MD area, and the following cities: Baltimore, Ellicott City, Elkridge, Laurel, Clarksville, Fulton, Maple Lawn, Catonsville, Savage, Randallstown, Reisterstown, Halethorpe, Pikesville, Adelphi, Silver Spring, Hyattsville, Burtonsville, Brookeville, Olney, Ashton, Highland and Sykesville.

Physician Assistant

Neil Harry


Neil has worked alongside Dr. Matsunaga since 2012 and is skilled in pain-less laser tattoo removal. He also has an extensive background in Critical Care Medicine, General, Plastic and Orthopedic Surgery.

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Ring Finger $69

Per Treatment

1in x 1in $99

Per Treatment

2in x 2in $149

Per Treatment

3in x 3in $199

Per Treatment

4in x 4in $299

Per Treatment

5in x 5in $349

Per Treatment

6in x 6in $449

Per Treatment

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$50 Consultation fee will be deducted from a package of laser tattoo removal treatments

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