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What is Dermaplaning?

What if you could gently scrape off the outer layer of your skin where dirt, oil, debris, makeup and dead skill cells were clouding a healthy complexion? Dermaplaning is a revolutionary method of exfoliating the skin to reveal a more youthful, radiant and attractive appearance. Dermaplaning can be well combined with chemical peels for the ultimate facial rejuvenation package.

How is dermaplaning performed?

During the procedure, a finely sharpened scalpel is moved along your face at a 45-degree angle, exfoliating the skin painlessly. Peach fuzz, dead skin cells and debris are gently scraped away. There is no redness or discomfort to deal with.

How often can I undergo dermaplaning?

Every 3 to 4 weeks you can schedule an appointment for dermaplaning in Columbia MD to see continued improvement in your skin. The procedure will wipe away 2 to 3 weeks’ worth of dead skill cells at a time.

Dermaplaning Patient Testimonial

“After shopping around at other locations, I found Comprehensive Laser & Aesthetics had the best pricing, so I booked an appointment. I had a great experience, not long wait times, and I love that I was seen by an actual nurse. Made me feel confident in the care that I received and the results are amazing!”

- April O.

Dermaplaning in Baltimore

What are the benefits of dermaplaning?

  • Helps open the pores to receive nutrients and nourishment
  • Scrapes away debris, dirt, makeup, dead skin cells and oils
  • Creates a firmer, richer, more radiant complexion
  • Helps restore the glow of youth
  • Eradicates peach fuzz
  • Can help correct acne scarring
  • Helps reverse age-related wrinkles and fine lines
  • Appropriate for all skin types
  • No discomfort or downtime
  • Helps boost self-confidence

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Who is the best candidate for the revolutionary process of dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning in Baltimore is appropriate for all skin types; however, if you suffer from active acne lesions, there may be a better treatment for you.

Dermaplaning is one of the few treatments you can undergo if you are pregnant, as there is no risk of toxic chemicals being absorbed by the skin. As with any procedure, the final decision will be determined with your practitioner during your confidential Olney or Columbia, MD consultation.

  • What is the dermaplaning recovery like?

    Dermaplaning has no downtime, so you can enjoy your beautiful results immediately. Once your skin has undergone dermaplaning, it will be more susceptible to healing serums, masks, creams and lotions, which will now provide you with superior skincare results. Your makeup will simply glide onto the skin, and look wonderful. We can help you to choose the best skincare products for your needs as part of your aftercare package.

  • How much does dermaplaning cost?

    The average cost for dermaplaning is around $150, but this will depend on the facility fees and the practitioner’s fees. You’ll receive a full, detailed quote at the time of your Columbia, MD consultation that is based on a thorough physical evaluation of your skin.

  • Why should I choose Comprehensive Laser & Aesthetics in Columbia?

    Comprehensive Laser & Aesthetics is a mecca for cutting edge skincare treatments, including laser therapy, dermaplaning, chemical peels, injectables and more. We pride ourselves on our state-of-the-art, world class technology, consummate providers, and friendly, all-inclusive practice atmosphere. Scheduling at Comprehensive Laser & Aesthetics is supremely easy, as we offer convenient evening appointments as well as childcare at the front desk. Comprehensive Laser & Aesthetics clients come from all different backgrounds, are all different ages, and make up every color of the orientation and gender rainbow.

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