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Current healthcare professionals who are looking to break into the world of aesthetic medicine can get the education they need with our comprehensive Aesthetic Training and Mentorship courses.

These courses include practical hands-on training to help mentees build on their skills and knowledge in the field of cosmetics. Whether you have years of experience in the field or are just starting out, you stand to benefit from these top-class courses. The tools and knowledge that are gained from our sessions provide aestheticians with everything they need to excel in the world of cosmetology.

What subjects are covered in the course?

Some of the treatments we cover include:

Laser treatments

Laser technology has become a vital part of modern cosmetology. Laser hair removal, laser skin resurfacing, laser tattoo removal, laser acne scar removal, and spider vein removal are just some of the treatments that can be performed using these devices. They offer patients a comprehensive approach to overcoming a wide array of issues.


There are few treatments that are more integral to the world of cosmetology than injectables. While some issues call for dermal fillers, such as Restylane and Kybella, others will require neuromodulators, such as BOTOX or Dysport. Whatever the injectable may be, our course will provide you with the skills necessary to carry it out with expert precision and incredible results.


In recent years, microneedling has become a powerhouse in cosmetic rejuvenation, making waves throughout the industry. While some may attempt to carry out these treatments on themselves with do-it-yourself methods, there is no method that ensures the same level of safety and effects as practitioner-performed microneedling treatments. Our course will give you all of the training you need to carry out these treatments and achieve fantastic outcomes for your patients.

Hair restoration

Hair restoration treatments have never been more comprehensive or successful. Our course takes you through the process of PRP or Exosome injections. The PRP process involves drawing blood from the patient, processing it in a centrifuge, and injecting the platelet-rich plasma directly into the patient’s scalp. Mentees walk away with expert knowledge of these treatments, enabling them to achieve remarkable results. We also teach other hair restoration methods!


Our programs are offered by Nina Harry, FNP-BC. With specializations in laser treatments and BOTOX injections, she shares her years of experience with you, ensuring that you walk away from the course with a strong understanding of what these procedures entail. We pride ourselves on helping newcomers in the world of aesthetic medicine elevate themselves to a higher level of success.

We know all too well how difficult it can be to break into the highly competitive world of aesthetics. By offering you these programs, we give mentees the basic aesthetic knowledge that will help them get ahead in this industry. The knowledge gleaned from our course puts our students ahead of the rest when it comes to applying for jobs. We also offer several budget-friendly options, enabling mentees to gain hands-on aesthetic experience while being able to learn and grow into confident aestheticians.

Our mentorship program distinguishes itself from standard training programs by providing specific hours for participants to acquire and subsequently apply their new skills within an aesthetic practice setting. Unlike traditional weekend courses, where providers may not have the opportunity to utilize their newly acquired skills for months, our mentorship program enables participants to practice their skills for a designated period following the initial learning phase.

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