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What are the restorative and replenishing effects of PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections?

Our Baltimore PRP injections are an innovative solution to hair loss, as well as a variety of other aesthetic ailments, such as acne scarring. Platelet rich plasma is drawn from the blood when a medical professional separates the platelets and plasma from the red and white blood cells. The resulting PRP contains growth factors that are highly beneficial to the skin when injected into problem zones.

How can PRP revolutionize the hair restoration process?

Our Baltimore PRP injections can be instrumental is assisting hair transplant results, as the PRP can boost hair follicle growth and trigger new hairs to form. The PRP is injected into the scalp and is known for being successful in about 70% of hair loss cases.

“I did a ton of research before I started treatments and I am so happy that I chose Comprehensive Laser & Aesthetics. They spend a lot of time explaining the procedures. You really do get what you pay for! I'm seeing great results and I'll be adding more areas because the treatments are so affordable!”

- Katie W.

Are PRP injections painful?

A Comprehensive, Personalized Approach

A numbing cream is typically used before your injections to ensure you remain entirely comfortable during your session. The needles used are very thin and painless and are comparable to those used during a BOTOX session. If you have a fear of needles, please speak to your practitioner during your consultation to see how we can further assist you.

PRP hair restoration in Baltimore can also be applied topically after a Vivace RF Microneedling procedure to rejuvenate your skin and speed up recovery. The scalp can also be microneedled to create thousands of open pores which can then absorb topical applications of PRP.

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What are the amazing benefits of PRP injections for hair restoration?

A Comprehensive, Personalized Approach

  • Increased blood supply to the hair follicles
  • Increased thickness of individual hairs
  • Hair growth maintained over time
  • Future hair loss diminished
  • Increased self-esteem
  • No downtime or discomfort
  • Short treatment time of 30 to 40 minutes
  • PRP treatment for acne scars

    Those with acne scars will be pleased to know that PRP can be an effective treatment. After spinning your blood down to purify the platelets, they are injected into the scarring sites on the face. The platelets release a host of beneficial growth factors that promote healing and a resurgence of collagen. Please call our office to learn more about PRP acne scarring treatment.

  • Am I a good candidate for treatment with PRP injections?

    If you are a client in the Olney, Baltimore or Columbia, MD areas who is suffering from hair loss, thinning hair, a receding hairline or simply weak hair growth in general, PRP injections may be a viable option for reversing these ailments. As long as you still have hair follicles, PRP can help trigger hair regrowth and a healthy set of locks. The best way to find out if this innovative treatment will work for you is to schedule your confidential consultation at our Columbia, MD offices.

  • What can I expect from recovery?

    There is no recovery for PRP injections. You are instructed to avoid using any harsh chemicals or dyes on your hair, but otherwise you can simply resume your normal routine, and you can even take a warm shower in the evening.

  • How much do PRP injections for hair restoration cost?

    Our team will work with you to create a more personalized expectation for your total costs during your confidential consultation at our Columbia, MD offices.

Why combine PRP injections with Nutrafol?

Billed as “hair wellness from within”, Nutrafol is a supplementation system designed to attack the root causes of hair loss, including stress, aging, inflammation, environment, hormones, metabolism and nutrition. Clients can take an online assessment test to discover from exactly which area their hair loss stems. Nutrafol is a clinically tested and drug-free solution for thinning hair, balding and receding hairlines that works even better when combined with the regenerative powers of PRP injections.

Nutrafol – The future of hair loss supplementation

Never before has there been a supplement that targets the root causes of thinning hair and hair loss to strengthen, rebuild and fortify your hair from the inside out. Among the many factors triggering hair to shed are inflammation, stress, hormonal imbalance, nutritional deficiencies and environmental toxins. Nutrafol combats all of these with a proprietary blend of naturally derived components personalized to your unique concerns. No drugs or artificial additives are used, so Nutrafol is safe for all.

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Why choose Comprehensive Laser & Aesthetics?

At Comprehensive Laser & Aesthetics we love discovering the most cutting-edge cosmetic solutions on the market and bringing them straight to our clients. In this way, we strive to always stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technology, equipment and service. All of our practitioners are highly trained and credentialed members of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery. We provide easy, fast scheduling and a host of amenities including built-in childcare at the front desk.

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